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Getting Organized

What does getting organized mean to you? Does it mean strict, stringent structure? Or something else? And why does it even matter?

Organization in my opinion, in its essence, means creating a balance. It is creating a balance between a sense of structure and timing, and also an openness and flow to living. Organization means that your life gets balanced and is more in line with what you're trying to achieve. But, it shouldn't be that the structure and organization rules your life and determines what you do and how you do it. The structure shouldn't take over and become the meaning of your life. That can create depression, hopelessness and a sense that life is just a planned out, robotic monotony. We need a balance of holding on and letting go of structure and flow. It's like holding water in your hand, you can't really do it for that long. Life is the same. It has a seamless flow to it. We need to be organized and structure ourselves, but also respect the flow.

Too much structure can seem like control and suppression...lifelessness. While too much relaxed flow can seem like chaos and uncertainty. The middle way is usually best with all things. So ultimately the best kind of structure is one where there is a balance of openness and form. ...Enjoyment, change, reliability and consistency.

It may seem strange that a healthier approach combines multiple things at once, but life is complex, and so why wouldn't organization also need multiple things?

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