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"Working with Sara is one of the best things I’ve ever done. She’s so giving and compassionate, and each session is full of the most helpful advice and constructive guidance. Her intuitive gifts are incredibly accurate and she always helps me work through exactly what I need to in order to successfully move forward in life."

"My experience with Sara as a Mentor, has been life changing. Sara is both a remarkably gifted intuitive being and, a loving and kind therapist. After a number of sessions with her, my life has expanded in many positive ways that has allowed me to have a better relationship with myself and with my loved ones.


I went from not being able to focus in my professional career, to being eager and wake up every morning to do the things I love with Joy and Gratitude. She’s truly a gift to this world and I can say that her services...are of enormous value to those who are ready and committed to enhance the quality of their lives." 

My fiance and I came to Sara for some issues that we were having that we wanted to work on before we got married and within just a few months, our relationship took a complete 180 for the better. Sara took her time with the both of us and really helped us dive into what our real issues were.


When we started we were a couple heavily struggling and not sure if we should call the engagement off and when we finished we became this power couple that is getting married in 2 months. We wouldn't have come this far if we didn't have the help and guidance. Thank you Sara for being part of our journey, we are forever grateful. 

-Anonymous Couple

"Sara Anne came into my life like a guardian angel. I have worked with various healers but until Sara Anne I hadn’t met a healer that could go to that level of depth and width when it comes to capturing where my pain was in order not only to heal it but also and most importantly to propel me to various realms of expansion and growth, whether it is money, love, health or all combined. Her style is unique, mystical and astonishing all at the same time.


I highly recommend her if you want to experience an exponential shift in your existence! Don’t wait! Do it now:)" 

"Sara has been the first 'personal development' professional who has provided me with a real sense of hope and connectedness to my deeper Self. Her genuine loving and playful approach has helped me to unlock secrets of my soul, naming the whispers I heard in the background in my life.

With her guidance, I have manifested a deeper intimacy with my partner and have cleared negative energy from not only my own life but from past generations of women in my family. The sessions with her have provided me with a confidence in my Being and a faith in the work that I must do." 

"Talking to Sara is like talking to your guardian angel, only she is a real person. She answered every question I put to her around all the big topics of love, relationships, abundance and soul purpose, and she offered deeply insightful and life enhancing truths and answers, empowering me to step up to the next level in all those areas, and allaying fears that I had. The 3 sessions she has done for me, have all been no less than life changing." - K.S.

"Sara’s a very gifted healer. Her essence is compassion. She's a very generous, giving soul. She’s highly intuitive and can see right through you. Her sessions are really uplifting. She has calmly addressed all my queries and helped me clear the blocks attached to them. I wish her lots of love and the success that she truly deserves!"

– D.N.

"I have worked with Sara Anne many times this past year. She is accurate and goes very deeply into your soul. She is not the typical healer. It is a true pleasure to work with her. She acts from her heart space and she is always willing to serve you the best as she can. She is very generous with her time and her information. If you need guidance or some healing, you can contact her. She is smart, funny and she will tell you straight to your face what you need to hear. The plain truth! I simply love her and her way of working with her intuition. Thank you Sara Anne!"


“Sara Anne is a hyper light soul always dedicated to help with all her huge heart. I love the lightness of sessions with Sara and her insight ...(is) truly impressive. If I were you I would work with Sara on a consistent basis. She can hold a space for you to heal and together you can go through the most difficult times successfully. I strongly recommend Sara, whatever you have small or big stuff doesn’t matter. She will lift you up and support you with her huge love and warmness.” - M.B.

"Sara's acumen is absolutely amazing. She can provide insight on anything and help you discover your purpose(s). I have had numerous sessions with her and I can assure you that her work will bring you healing, understanding, and success."-R.M.

"Sara is a gifted intuitive healer. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for how much she’s helped me!" -C.B.

"Sara is here to heal those in need. I am very grateful to her as she has helped me tremendously beyond description. - F.C.

"I have had many sessions from Sara. She is real magic and a life changer. She provides therapy on very deep level and has helped me to clear many deep layers for me and has given me a new perspective of life.


I am very grateful for her for changing my life in a very positive way. She is very clear, kind and to the point. I definitely recommend sessions with her. It will give you a very positive impact on your life forever and heal you on a deep level. I wish Sara lots of love, light and success."  -M.K.

"I am very thankful to you for all the work you did for me. The trauma I faced in the past 5 years (losing my parents, facing death up close and personal, career related anxiety, stress and the issues in my family) seemed impossible to me. Your therapy, meditation exercises, yoga routines, hypnotherapy, commitment & compassion helped me to accept myself, appreciate my life and reap the blessings it showered on me. I could see light in the darkness and you showed me to believe in light irrespective of the darkness around me.


Today I am so happy, relieved and I live in joy, bliss and gratitude every moment. Now, I live independently, my daughter is with me and I have a very good job I love. My mental and physical health is so much better now…you changed the course of my life."


"We hired Dr. Sara as our therapist in the fall of 2020 after adopting a sibling set of 3 kids from foster care. She met with our kids and helped us gain valuable insight into how trauma affects the brain. Her insight helped us identify the WHYs behind their behaviors and implement parenting techniques to foster positive outcomes.

We were very pleased with her compassionate demeanor and the children trusted her almost instantly. She was like being around a ray of sunshine! She integrated art and play into her sessions. Her work with our family will have a lasting impact for years to come. 

We highly recommend Dr. Sara!" 

-The "S" Family 

"Sara has a special ability to see right to the heart of the matter, grabbing the truth, and then allows for me as the client, the space for new perspectives to be formed and old ones shifted. 

It is a transformation of what I'd like to calls weeds changing into blossoming beautiful flowers. After every session with her I feel lighter, calmer, and excited about my future! I can't even imagine not working with her!" 


"I've heard from many friends that finding a therapist that is a good fit is a hit or miss process. So I was worried about losing a chance to get help by wasting funds and time jumping from one doctor to another. 

In my search, I found Dr. Spowart's site and briefly took a look at her beautiful posts on IG and I followed my intuition and landed on a gold mine! I have rarely felt myself to be in such great hands."

-Anonymous Client

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