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Happiness For No Reason At All!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Happiness for no reason at all! Happiness and joy are energies. When we can water these energies in ourselves they grow and grow until we realize suddenly we are just happy, without a reason. Or experiencing unconditional happiness 😃 that is not to say things aren’t bothering you. It’s more that you maintain an energy of happiness in spite of them.

The reality is there will always be some perceived problem or issue that arises. But happiness doesn’t have to have conditions. Like unconditional love, it can just be. It just is.

We are energetically made beings. We are energy in dense appearing matter and form. When we think about, "I want this" or "I want that" is for a certain reason? Is it for fulfillment? Satisfaction? To heal pain? In the end...the goal is usually to be happy. Even when we focus on problems are feel negative, it may be because we have some kind of belief it will make us happier to do so.

But, like ALL things, happiness is just an energy on a spectrum of energies. For example, when you think about love, can you see it? Can you hold it, or touch it with your physical senses? Not really. The answer is, not really, it's an invisible energetic experience. Happiness too, is an invisible (for us invisible) energetic experience. It can be cultivated on its own, separate and independent of anything else.

I'm not saying ignore your problems or things that are bothering or upsetting you. I am saying that focus on creating the energy of happiness. Focusing on what is upsetting you usually does not solve anything. But add a new ingredient to the cake you are baking, and it will rise in a different direction with a different outcome.

Decide to feel happy today, if only for a few minutes! Fake a smile here and there if you have to. Do whatever it takes. I recommend silently wishing happiness for at least 3 strangers a day to start.

But water those happiness seeds! That energy will grow and grow all on its own until you realize one day that you wake up and feel happy for no reason. No reason at all! :) <3

So so much Love to you!!

Sara :)

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