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No Good Or Bad

I wanted to talk about the idea of questioning what is good or bad. What we label as "good" or "bad" can be a matter of duality and also confusion. It is something that is always changing depending on our perspectives. One of the best ways to understand the duality of good and bad is to try to apply it to many different circumstances. The problem is that we tend to live from our own perspective. Each of us lives from our own perspective, and to a large extent in our own world. Imagine that each person lives from their own perspective and some people are so consumed in their perspective and their world that they more or less get lost in it.

The more you are consumed in your own world and in the feelings and ideas of what is "good" and "bad" the more you can isolate yourself into feelings of separation and get further lost in a duality perspective. It can get to the point where you are essentially unable to see the world from other people's perspectives and your everything becomes about you and how things relate back to you. The more you become absorbed in your own perspective and your own world, the less clear reality actually is and the less empathy you have for others.

It's a lot like a blizzard where you can't see anything clearly around you. When you become too absorbed in your own emotions, thoughts and feelings you can't be there for others or see others clearly. The lens through which you view the world becomes tainted and your perception of the world is not as accurate as it would otherwise be. The ideas of good, bad, labeling and seeing yourself as a victim that things happen to can push you down a rabbit hole that just gets deeper and deeper and harder to get out of.

Once you get lost deeper into the rabbit hole of your own perspective, you need something to get out of it. The fastest way to clear the "blizzard" of emotions, thoughts and feelings is to bring awareness and mindfulness into your life. The more lost you are in your own perceptive and feelings, the greater the amount of mindfulness and awareness you to need to calm down your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Mindfulness reduces the "blizzard" of your perspective. It helps you to start to see the bigger picture outside of yourself more clearly.

Try looking beyond the blizzard of your thoughts and emotions. Clear your mind to go beyond the labels, beyond the good and bad. Beyond your own perspective, there is a greater view where you can understand that everyone is coming from their own perspective and there is a greater reality. A bit like an open, vast sky that goes on and on for infinity. There is a greater, higher perspective... you just have to get out of your own way to see it.

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