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Happiness During Challenging Times

Happiness isn't something that is always based on your outside circumstances. You may have heard that it's a choice. It is a choice but more than that it is also something that is an energy that you can tap into. Also, it is ok to give yourself permission to not be 'happy' sometimes and to allow yourself to let go. To go with the flow, and surrender to what is.

Happiness doesn't mean fighting with reality and what is appearing in your life. Happiness means that you surrender and are in the flow to whatever is happening. To surrender doesn't mean to give up or think something is ok. It means letting go to how you wish things were and allowing for what is to be.

Much of our pain and struggle comes from resisting what is. When you let go of the resistance, the fight there can be immediate peace. BUT, and I say BUT with this. Wisdom is needed as well. You need to know the times to fight and resist and the times to surrender. You need to have the wisdom to see the best way to manage your happiness. It isn't necessary to react to everything in an automatic fashion. But it also isn't necessary to fight things.

I recommend a journaling practice for maintaining happiness during hard times. Here it is:

I surrender to whatever is happening right now, I am strong enough to feel and experience whatever is happening.

I let go of what I hoped for and what I wished for. I let go to any attachment to the current reality and move with the flow.

I know that everything rises and falls, and a new reality will come. The more I cling and fight the current reality, the more painful it is and the longer it may last.

I embrace that everything rises and falls and the only 'ground to stand on' is that everything is always changing.

I embrace that everything is always changing. I allow myself to let go.

Sending so so much love and compassion to you!!


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