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It's Ok To Not Be Ok

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to write about something I felt I needed to share. It's a strangely obvious realization but also one that is surprisingly challenging at times.

So here it is...

As the title of this blog says lol "it's ok to not be ok". What I mean by this is that it's completely ok to not feel alright in your life. There has become this pursuit for happiness in this country and other areas of the world which I think is honestly making a lot of people exhausted and also discontent with their lives.

It's like an armor or facade to hold up, like "look at me, I'm so happy, everything is going great in my life! I have it all figured out!" If you wonder about this at all, just please look at some social media posts right now.

It's exhausting because it's not true. I know it's not true. The reason is because it's just not the nature of reality. Reality is constantly shifting and changing. It's basically just a ton of moving parts all appearing to be somewhat consistent and stable. But actually, its nature is flow, movement and change. Reality LOVES change and movement! It's just its 'personality' you could say.

I'm not saying we don't have moments where we are happy. But to be acting a certain way all the time, well it means you've got some other problems to deal with. Human beings and life are complex, and full of grey, moving grey parts. This is why so many of us cling to what seems stable, reliable, consistent. Because we know deep down, or even medium-down, that things are moveable, changeable, flowing.

So when stuff happens in life you don't like, it's just part of the flow. The rapid flow. When you can move and adapt like water, or as a quote I heard once said something like -move the way water moves- your life will be much lighter and easier.

Basically, things are what they are. Flow with it, move with it. It doesn't mean you have to like it, or what is happening is ok or acceptable, and it doesn't mean you are giving up on your dreams and what you want to do. What it means is that you can adapt and adjust to changes much faster. YOU will experience greater peace and less stress when there is an understanding that things just are the way they are. This is the first step... recognizing. The second step is releasing and letting go so you can move forward from what it is.

Move with the flow and you will move through things much faster.

So so much Love!!


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1 Comment

Akhila Bandaru
Akhila Bandaru
Dec 17, 2020

Dr, I completely agree with you. Its exhausting to see social media posts of extreme perfectness everywhere. Life is imperfect and when we accept its flaws we fit into that imperfect frame which makes it look like perfect and authentic. We dont have to be defined by someone else's standards of perfectness nor cling on to or crib about. We got our back and We are enough. Wonderful article. Keep writing these soul messages. Thank you.

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