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Getting Beyond Yourself :)

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Hello to you! :)

So this post has come about because I just keep seeing so many people coming to me stuck in their unhappiness and cyclic ideas and feelings. They are 'looping' as I like to call it. They are stuck in thought, feeling, life patterns and habits and don't even realize it (or most of it).

Please try this exercise right now. Let's just stop for 2 minutes and sit in silence. Completely quietly. Even 1 minute will work too.


What came up for you? What did you notice? Were there patterns of thinking that just kept going in circles? Is there something that you kept focusing on... or maybe you just felt tired? Whatever it was that came up, it is an example of a pattern you most likely have or something 'you' are stuck in.

Now please try this next thing for 1 minute... close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine that you are looking back at yourself, you are looking at that which is observing the thought patterns. You are looking 'backwards' to see who the watcher is.


What did you notice, what did you see? Did you feel you were the thought patterns or emotions arising? Or are 'you' the watcher of the thought patterns and emotions? Are 'you' your body and physical sensations, or are you observing, 'oh wow, I have a body!?"

You aren't your thought patterns. I have to disagree with the idea here that "I think therefore I am." In fact it's more like, "I am because I am, and that's all I need to be and do. I just am."

Keep trying this exercise as much as possible. It's not that you think or feel, therefore you are. You are because you are 'is-ness'. You are the observer watching things occur and emotions and feelings arise. You are not your feelings, thoughts or emotions. You are the observer of these things.

Next post, we'll discuss, what is this observer exactly?!?

So so much Love Always!

Sara :)

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1 Comment

That exercise made not one ounce of sense. I most certainly am my thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is what God calls a unique personality. If we weren't those things, we would be robots walking around like storm troopers. We are not observers, if we were, we would be mere drones.

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